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Digital Signage can provide high-impact messaging across a range of mediums, whether it be traditional signage, interactive touch screens or wayfinding kiosks, large format displays and video walls, or targeted content delivery to smartphones. 

It’s hard to know where to begin with digital signage if you don’t have the knowledge or expertise. We have experience delivering successful digital signage solutions across many different industries, including corporate and retail, and can guide you through the process from start to finish.


There are many components to a digital signage solution:

  • Hardware – the physical components: screens (digital displays), media players (if necessary), network components, mounts, etc.

  • Software – the content and/or device management system(s) and playback software on media players

  • Connectivity – the ways in which digital displays connect back to the content management system, whether using wired, Wi-Fi or mobile technologies

  • Installation – the entire installation process, from site surveys through to the final installation

  • Content – the biggest ongoing cost of the network: the continuous creation of or subscription to fresh content to keep the network current and relevant

  • Procurement – the channels that end-customers use to purchase the various parts of the digital signage network

Sound confusing? It can be. While your organisation may have some expertise or understanding of some of these components, it’s difficult to be an expert in all areas. That’s where Converged Technology can help.


We have experience implementing small and large digital signage across a range of industry verticals and at various price points. We design, integrate, configure and commission digital signage solutions for a wide range of applications and organisations, including corporate offices, hospitality and retail venues, outdoor advertising and digital kiosks. Our focus is on delivering an end-to-end solution, which is why we provide training on the relevant content management system (CMS) and any remote device support required for your unique setup.



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