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L1 Capital - Stands as a prominent global investment manager with strategic offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Miami, and London. Their extensive client base spans from large superannuation and pension funds to private wealth firms, family offices, and retail investors, showcasing their versatile expertise in managing a wide range of investment portfolios. Committed to excellence, L1 Capital is renowned for offering best-in-class investment products.


As a leading provider of Workplace Technology, we're proud to announce our collaboration with L1 Capital in Melbourne. L1 Capital recently relocated offices and engaged Converged Technology to help transform their workplace, and then invested significantly in collaborative technologies designed to foster communication between staff and clients, setting a new standard for financial services. Step into a space where cutting edge technology combines with investment vision to deliver powerful outcomes.


Our aim:

The plan was to modernize the client's audiovisual infrastructure, providing a best-in-class Microsoft Teams collaboration capability, whilst facilitating seamless communication for staff across multiple offices, and increasing engagement for both domestic and international clients.

Our solution:

The upgrade commenced with the installation of Sony LCD screens, ensuring presentations were delivered with exceptional visual clarity. Complementing this, QSC audio equipment was deployed to guarantee every spoken word was transmitted with precision and impact.

Barco ClickShare was integrated for seamless content sharing, allowing multiple users to present their ideas effortlessly and wirelessly. Sennheiser wireless microphones further elevated audio capture, ensuring clear projection of every speaker's voice.

The implementation of Extron control systems provided an intuitive interface for managing audio and visual elements, simplifying the overall user experience.


For effective video conferencing, Yealink Microsoft Teams Rooms were deployed, creating an immersive meeting environment.

The inclusion of JOAN room booking panels streamlined reservations and optimized room utilization, enhancing operational efficiency.

This comprehensive solution not only addressed immediate challenges but also positioned the client for future technological advancements, ensuring their global collaboration efforts would remain at the forefront of industry standards.


Converged Technology designed the following room profiles to support L1 Capital:

L1 Capital equipment table.PNG


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