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A World-Class Video Conference Solution For Asialink

Asialink is Australia's leading hub for creative engagement with Asia. While fostering ongoing initiatives between the regions, it sought to upgrade communication gateways with a specialist audio-visual solution.

As a portal between nations, Asialink was expected to house the highest-grade facilities for connection and conversation. For its two meeting spaces – a boardroom and digital studio both situated within The University of Melbourne – our job was to enhance their video conferencing capabilities with seamless state-of-the-art systems.


Our Aim:

To establish a borderless integrated link between boardrooms supporting real-time global collaboration with minimal fuss and disruption.

Our Solution:

Both the small and larger rooms would require a flexible strategy in optimising for crystal-clear video conferencing. After performing an initial acoustic assessment of both spaces, we set to work on

uplifting the audiovisual capabilities to meet the customer’s requirements. This included:

  • Wherever necessary, acoustic treatment works were suitably carried out, providing a much needed improvement in Reverberation Time (RT60) values and greatly enhancing the video conferencing experience.

  • Large format Samsung Ultra HD screens were deployed.

  • Significant audio upgrades were performed in a challenging environment with high ceilings - a series of Shure table microphones were implemented and connected to a Biamp TesiraForte DSP.

  • Local presentation capabilities were provided wirelessly via the Barco ClickShare, and with local HDMI inputs.

  • An intuitive Zoom-centric user interface was deployed via our specially developed Crestron<>Zoom module which leveraged the Zoom Room APIs, allowing for complete control of the in-room audiovisual equipment from the familiar Zoom touch panel.

  • Room Booking capability provided through the Crestron 10” TSS-1070 solution.



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