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We love a challenge here at Converged Technology. We’ve delivered a vast range of exciting collaboration spaces since the inception of the business, and we never get sick of solving complex technology problems. We recognize that Training Rooms, Townhall Spaces and Auditoriums are high-profile meeting spaces, and that often their requirements cannot be met solely by an out-of-the-box technology solution.

Whether it be a flexible training room, a 300-seat auditorium with a Bio Box, or a Townhall space that has a live streaming requirement or complicated video conferencing requirement – we have seen them all and delivered exciting outcomes into each. We thrive on meeting and exceeding your requirements through innovative technology solutions.

Why are Training Rooms, Townhall Spaces and Auditoriums Important?

Typically large, flexible and complex with a diverse user base, these meeting spaces are highly visible and used frequently to deliver critical information to staff or customers in large-group settings. Being so high profile, it’s vital the Audiovisual technology works transparently and reliably, every time.

Training Rooms

AV technology plays a crucial role in delivering engaging and interactive training sessions in Training rooms. This includes features such as large LCD screens or projectors for presenting training materials, audio systems for clear sound reinforcement, and interactive whiteboards or touchscreen displays for interactive learning activities. Additionally, microphones and video conferencing equipment may be incorporated to facilitate remote participation and collaboration with off-site trainees or instructors. Often these rooms are flexible, with room combine scenarios to support different meeting types and sizes.

Townhall Spaces

Townhall Spaces are often used for company-wide meetings, announcements, and presentations. AV technology in these spaces typically includes large projection screens or video walls for displaying presentations and videos to a large audience. High-quality audio systems with microphones ensure that presenters can be heard clearly by everyone in the room, and possibly by remote participants via live streaming or video conferencing. Townhall Spaces may also feature interactive audience response systems or polling tools to engage attendees and gather feedback in real-time. Often there is distributed audio and vision to provide flexibility.


Auditoriums are designed for hosting large-scale events, conferences, seminars, and performances. AV technology in Auditoriums is typically more sophisticated and may include multi-format video conferencing systems, advanced lighting systems, high-definition projection systems or LED video walls, distributed audio and video systems including web streaming, and stage automation equipment. These features enable immersive presentations, live performances, and multimedia experiences that captivate and engage audiences. Additionally, auditoriums may be equipped with simultaneous interpretation systems to accommodate multilingual audiences or international events.

Why Converged Technology?

We have seen it all and we understand what works and what does not from a people and technology perspective. We understand each customer is different, and that identifying requirements and setting budget expectations upfront with the customer are a vital success criterion in these larger, more complex meeting spaces. We also pride ourselves on delivering innovative technology solutions, so if you’re looking for a best-in-class Audiovisual system for your next Training Room, Townhall Space or Auditorium – please reach out. You won’t be disappointed.


We put our clients' needs first focusing on creating impactful, personalised tech solutions that actually meet the brief.


Our love of technology is matched only by our passion for addressing customer problems. How can we solve your next business challenge?


Our team's extensive technology expertise and proven track record in delivering projects of all sizes means we can hit the ground running.


Our ongoing commitment to innovation allows us to deliver cutting edge tech solutions to fast-track your business strategy.


Interested in bringing your workplace communications up to modern standards? Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch.


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