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Cremorne Digital Hub was created to supercharge Victoria's digital ecosystem by fostering collaboration between industry, venture capital, education, government, and our most talented entrepreneurs. They focus on collaboration and community, bringing together key stakeholders to solve industry problems, prioritising solutions with strong market potential led by commercially savvy founders, addressing global challenges and supporting international expansion, and developing and attracting Victoria's best and brightest tech minds.

State-of-the-art event space

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The customer needed a technology partner that could deliver on multiple fronts. Cremorne Digital Hub (CDH) needed to provide state-of-the-art Audiovisual capabilities to its members and guests to foster collaboration between industry, education, Government and the private sector. The AV needed to be versatile with support for modern collaboration platforms such as MS Teams and Zoom, whilst flexible enough to support different event and meeting types across several multiple settings including function spaces, Boardrooms and huddle rooms.

In addition, CDH wanted to secure their new premises against burglary, theft and unsecured access. Importantly, building access had to be integrated with OfficeRND, the workspace technology software that managed member identity and licensing, and facilitated space and resource booking amongst other things. It was a critical requirement that members be able to badge into the building using their OfficeRND identity as presented through their Smartphone CDH did not want to issue separate security fobs or NFC cards to their members.

Finally, CDH needed to deliver a network solution with wired and wireless capabilities. The network backbone needed to support the Audiovisual equipment and any fixed office services such as printers, whilst also supporting the in-house staff and member base who predominantly connect via Wi-Fi from their laptop or mobile device

CDH has a diverse member community, so the technology solution needed to be reliable, flexible and easy to use. Who doesn’t love a challenge!


The key objective was to demystify the offerings available in each of the 3 main technology areas:

  1. Audiovisual

  2. Physical security (Intrusion alarm, Access Control)

  3. Networking

Working with the customer to identify and refine their requirements, we sought to design and deliver an overarching technology solution that could delivered across all 3 technology pillars, whilst always mindful of the customer's budget

Each of the technology building blocks needed to be cloud first, intuitive and able to operate continuously with minimal intervention from CDH staff.



State-of-the-art event space



The beating heart of the Cremorne Digital Hub, the Event Space was designed to foster collaboration between large groups of people, supporting formal events and announcements, as well as larger Townhall style gatherings. Able to be zoned, with audio and vision overflow capability into the adjoining Club House this is a fantastic space for members and guests to enjoy.

The backbone of the AV solution was predicated upon Crestron, with DM Lite matrix switching and signal extension and a Crestron Flex UC-C100-Z integrator kit providing native Zoom Room capability with BYOD support, A Crestron AirMedia AM-3200 provides wireless content sharing for laptops and mobile devices.

State-of-the-art lectern

A striking POD-4 lectern from Podion -manufactured locally in Melbourne - is height adjustable and provides a 22" portrait screen for custom signage.

Fusion Signage, a cloud based digital signage solution was delivered atop a BrightSign media player, to allow CDH to manage their own content via the included web-based Content Management System. Fusion Signage was selected mainly due to its simplicity and ease of use.

Boardroom with large screen


To complement the beautiful Boardroom design, a large Samsung 85" LCD was deployed, with a Crestron Flex MX70-T providing a native Microsoft Teams Rooms capability. The solution featured a Crestron Mercury tabletop speakerphone and Crestron 10" touch panel, two Crestron Mercury expansion microphones, and a Huddly L1 camera with speaker framing capability.

A Crestron 4x1 HDMI switcher provided the ability for multiple HDMI inputs at the Boardroom table. An Apple iPad was glass mounted upon entry to the room and was integrated into OfficeRND to provide room booking status.

Intrusion alarm wall control panel



Converged selected Ajax Systems to protect the premises for a multitude of reasons:

  1. Design and built to leverage the cloud

  2. Ease of deployment

  3. State of the art wireless technology and extended battery life

  4. Reliability

  5. Ease of use

A variety of different Ajax components were deployed as part of the CDH solution:

  • Ajax Hub 2 with 4G SIM card backup

  • Ajax Rex 2 range extender

  • Multitude of different Ajax PIRs to protect the external doors

  • Ajax MultiTransmitter to support different automations scenarios

  • Ajax Keypad TouchScreen to allow staff to arm/disarm the building via PIN, NFC or mobile device

  • Internal and external Ajax sirens

Wall mounted security doorbell


Salto KS was selected to provide the Access Control capability for the premises. Salto is a leading provider of security solutions, and crucially provided a cloud-based integration service with OfficeRND. OfficeRND is used by Cremorne Digital Hub to manage member subscriptions, identity, access and room bookings amongst other things. This integration allowed staff and guests to authenticate to the Salto door readers using their mobile phone running the OfficeRND mobile application. Staff could simply hold up their phones to the door reader, and their OfficeRND mobile identity would be validated by Salto KS, and access to the designated areas would be granted (or denied).

The Access Control solution included:​

  1. Salto KS subscription for 50 users

  2. Salto KS IQ BLUENet hub

  3. Salto wall readers located on exterior of the building,

  4. sliding doors and most interior door locations

  5. Salto XS4 Original+ Escutcheons on internal doors

  6. Neptune Maglock for non-motorised sliding door

  7. Trimec electronic strikes on external doors


To allow for guests and deliveries to contact staff inside the building, an intercom solution from Axis was deployed. The Axis 2N IP Verso featured two external door stations and an Indoor View touch panel, allowing staff to answer the intercom calls and  open the exteriour door remotely.

Wall mounted CCTV


An Ajax NVR was integrated with the existing HikVision CCTV solution to provide visibility of all IP cameras from natively within the Ajax Smartphone mobile application - thereby ensuring staff had readily available access and control of the security platform.

Ceiling mounted network switch


Underpinning the network backbone is two Netgear M4250 AVLine series network switches. These switches are optimized for AV deployments and each provide 48 ports, each capable of 1Gbps POE+.

The wireless deployment was delivered on Ubiquiti UniFi, a Wi-Fi 6 capable solution that was installed throughout both floors of the Cremorne Digital Hub. Wi-Fi offers higher data transfer speeds, increased network capacity, and improved performance in congested environments which was important due to the high number of simultaneously connected mobile and laptop clients at the CDH. The UniFi wireless equipment is managed by a Cloud Key appliance providing real-time visibility across the wireless network.

Internet egress is secured via a Mikrotik firewall.

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Project State
Custom touch panel controls

Multiple Lumens cameras were deployed to capitalize on Zoom's Multi-Camera mode, allowing both camera streams to be simultaneously streamed into the video conference. A Lumens VC-TR40 camera with AI features provided stage tracking capability, ensuring presenters were automatically kept in-shot. A 2nd Lumens VC-R30 PTZ camera provided a view of the audience.

An Epson EB-PU10008B laser projector provided plenty of vibrant images with 8500 lumens with a 130" motorised projection screen from Screen Technics. A LG STB-6500 set-top-box provides free-to-air TV allowing members and guests to enjoy major sporting events and other free to air content.

The audio solution was underpinned by Biamp TesiraFORTE, with QSC amplifiers and ceiling speakers, Desono pendant speakers in the Club House rounded out the solution. An Audio-Technica ESW series DECT wireless microphone solution with a mix of Gooseneck, Handheld and Lapel microphones provided flexibility for different event types. A Sonos Port delivered background music throughout the space. To maximise audience participation and add a little fun into the mix, two custom branded Catchbox Cube microphones were also included.

Local presentation area with large screen


Designed for local presentation in larger group settings, a Hisense 100" commercial LCD screen was deployed with a Crestron AirMedia AM-3200 wireless presentation solution. QSC column speakers and amplifier provided crystal clear audio. 

An Apple iPad was glass mounted upon entry to the room and was integrated into OfficeRND to provide room booking status.

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