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A council chamber serves as the focal point for local governance, providing a physical space where elected representatives convene to debate, deliberate, and make decisions on behalf of the community they serve.

The chamber serves as a forum for public participation, allowing constituents to observe proceedings, voice concerns, and hold their representatives accountable. Moreover, it fosters collaboration and consensus-building among council members, enabling them to work together to address complex issues and formulate policies that best serve the interests of their constituents. In essence, the council chamber is the cornerstone of effective local governance, ensuring that democratic principles are upheld and that decisions are made in the public interest.


Council chambers are the heart of local government, but the way they function and how the public get access to council has changed in recent years, particularly since the onset of COVID-19. The Victorian Government issued updated guidelines to all councils specifying new legislative requirements detailing how council meetings should be conducted, both in-person and electronically. These guidelines specify how local Government must modernise their systems to support hybrid meeting types, and technologies such as web streaming. Many other states also have similar requirements with regards to their conduct of council meetings.

Audiovisual systems, such as microphones, speakers, and video displays, enable clear communication and dissemination of information during council meetings, ensuring that proceedings are comprehensible to both attendees and those accessing them remotely. Live streaming and recording capabilities extend the reach of council meetings beyond the physical chamber, allowing citizens to participate and stay informed from anywhere with an internet connection. Additionally, conferencing tools facilitate the presentation of data, visuals, and multimedia content to a remote audience, enriching discussions and enabling council members to make more informed decisions. By leveraging audiovisual technology, council chambers become more inclusive, efficient, and effective spaces for democratic engagement, ultimately contributing to the overall functionality and legitimacy of local government.

Why Converged Technology?

With the advent of new technologies, comes a different set of challenges. Council chambers do not typically function like a traditional meeting space. They are often located in historical buildings, sometimes with heritage overlays which can make building works difficult and required extra attention to detail. Compounding this problem is often a space that was never designed with video conferencing or web streaming in mind, featuring poor acoustics and light levels. Once the technology has been implemented, you have a solution that’s often being used by the elected Councilors, not the actual staff members of the council! What’s the best way to devise a training solution for this particular cohort of users? Not to mention, how best to manage audiences that may have vision or hearing impairments?

It takes an integrator with the necessary experience and capability set to successfully design and deliver a broad mix of Audiovisual technologies into such a challenging environment. The solution must support hybrid meetings, typically with web-streaming and local or cloud recording. The audio must be crystal clear, the lighting levels and vision perfect and the system easy enough to support a varied group of end users ranging from millennials to older constituents.

Converged Technology has years of experience designing and integrating conferencing solutions in the most challenging of spaces. Our intimate understanding of Audiovisual and video conferencing ensures your new council chamber solution will be delivering additional value to the community in no time at all.


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