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We understand that for your business to fully realise their technology investment, it needs to be operational, all the time. Chances are you and your staff don’t have the bandwidth to worry about whether the AV technology in the rooms is running and signed on, or whether the security system is operating… you just need it to work! That’s where Converged Technology can ASSIST with our comprehensive range of managed services designed to alleviate your pain points and free you up to concentrate on what’s important, your core business.


Our ASSIST program is a set of bundled managed service offerings designed to keep your Audiovisual and physical security systems running smoothly.

Break/Fix Support

If one of your devices unexpectedly stops working, you can rest assured we'll get the ​issue resolved and service restored ASAP.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

We have a range of different Service Levels designed to provide your business with the assurance you need to be confident we’ve got you covered. Whether it be initial response, or onsite attendance, our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can be fine-tuned to meet your business requirements and budget.

Video Conferencing Support

Video conferencing can be tricky, and the steady release of firmware and features updates from the hardware vendors and conferencing providers means things are always changing. Our team of skilled technicians are conferencing experts and are exposed to the latest technologies and releases so you can benefit from their learnings.

With the rapid uptake of Hybrid meetings, it’s more critical now more then ever to ensure your environment is running smoothly and your meetings are starting on time. Let the Converged team take care of the video conferencing technology and the AV integration nuances specific to your environment.

RMA Management

When a device fails, the last thing your team wants to be doing is arranging for it to removed, diagnosed, repaired and/or replaced and the faulty unit disposed of – you have better things to be doing. As part of our ASSIST package, we will take care of any problem diagnosis related to faulty equipment, and will manage the vendor escalation required for product replacement. Once the issue is isolated, we’ll send skilled technicians to site to replace the faulty component, no matter the location, size or shape and we can even take care of the e-waste component by disposing of the old equipment responsibly.

As long as the equipment in question is covered under the support agreement, we’ve got you covered. If you have opted for Critical Spares, we’ll even take care of the reinstallation as soon as the fault is identified.

Remote & Onsite Support

Our team of trained technicians can perform remote diagnosis (assuming you have approved remote access into your environment), or can attend site should the need arise. 

Whether it be a remote or onsite service call to fix an urgent issue, or our proactive monitoring service or preventative maintenance regime to ensure your systems are running smoothly - we offer a broad range of technology support services that can be scaled to your needs.


Techician monitoring server room


Designed to keep your Audiovisual and Physical Security systems running smoothly.

Package includes:

  • Break/Fix Support

  • Remote & Onsite Attendance

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

  • Video Conferencing Support

  • RMA Management


Designed to deliver maximum benefit to your organisation by allowing you to fully unlock the value of your tech investment.

Additional service offerings (can be purchased individually in addition to the ASSIST package):

  • Proactive Monitoring

  • Scheduled Health Checks

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Enhanced Reporting

  • Critical Spares

  • White Glove

Technicians installing large screen panel


Converged Technology offers free online or on-site inspections and customer scoping sessions. These provide advice on what steps you need to take towards building a more connected workspace for the future of your business.






Interested in bringing your workplace communications up to modern standards? Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch.


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We understand that every customer is unique, so we can tailor a managed service offering that’s just right for your business. Our ASSIST+ program is a suite of additional managed services designed to to deliver maximum benefit to your organisation by allowing you to fully unlock the value of your tech investment. The ASSIST+ service offerings can be individually selected to create a multifaceted support agreement, ensuring we've got your business covered, all the time.

Proactive Monitoring

Our Proactive Monitoring package is for those customers with larger, more complex or widely dispersed equipment fleets. Our System Operations Centre (SOC) will proactively monitor and manage all supported equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using Converged Technology’s proactive monitoring system, our SOC is alerted in real-time to devices going offline, or issues and changes in system parameters so they can be investigated and resolved before an issue arises.

Our Proactive Monitoring solution does more than just monitor network status, it has deep integration into the Audiovisual and Security equipment to extract meaningful status updates:

  • ICMP connectivity for base network monitoring

  • Web hooks into those devices with web interfaces or REST support

  • SSH hooks into those devices with remote command line support

  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support to extract device status and operating configuration

  • Microsoft Graph API support to allow for deep Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) reporting from the Microsoft Teams Admin Centre

All monitoring data is securely collected and stored in our data centre, where the data is then collated and presented in real time to our help desk technicians. Any equipment faults are automatically converted into problem tickets, alerts raised and escalated internally to a Level 3 engineer. You can rest easy knowing we have you covered.

Health Checks

For absolute peace of mind, our scheduled Health Check offering will see a Converged Technology technician attend site and perform a health check on the Audiovisual or physical security equipment covered under the support agreement.

A health-check would encompass:

  • Full system functionality test 

  • Check of all devices to ensure correct functionality (fans, dust filters, consumables) 

  • Resolution of any minor issues

  • Raising tickets with System Operations Centre for any major issues

  • Generating a comprehensive report detailing the testing procedure, and noting all issues found

Preventative Maintainence

The best way to ensure your environment runs smoothly is to get ahead of any potential problems before they manifest. With the plethora of new software and firmware updates being released by the various AV and security vendors, it’s good practice to keep your environment patched to the latest stable release ensuring access to the latest features, bug and security fixes. Our Preventative Maintenance package is designed to identify and capture faults early, maintain software currency, ensure the software/firmware updates are stable and that all other equipment within the same ecosystem continues to function correctly.

Preventative Maintenance would encompass:

  • Application of latest firmware release on all Audiovisual and security devices

  • Dusting of all rack equipment and surfaces

  • Tidy up and re-routing of any cables that may have come dislodged or removed

  • Post firmware update functionality test

Enhanced Reporting

Customers can opt for our Enhanced Reporting package, where a service delivery manager will meet with the customer on an agreed cadence to present:

  • Post Incident Reports (PIRs)

  • Regular service reporting:

    • System summary report

    • System uptime and availability

  • Problem ticket reporting: 

    • Management and follow up on agreed remedial actions

Critical Spares

Concerned about potential equipment faults and extended outages? Our Critical Spares offering provides you access to a shared pool of equipment able to swapped in quickly should a component be deemed faulty or inoperable. We maintain spare components for the major vendors across all major equipment categories including:

  • LCD displays

  • Video conferencing – video bars, cameras, touch panels etc

  • Microphones

  • Amplifiers

  • Audio DSPs

  • … and many other categories

White Glove

If you’re concerned about an upcoming event and can’t afford for it not to run smoothly, our White Glove service is here to help. You can opt to have a Converged technician on site for the duration of the event, or on remote standby. Whether it be an important meeting, a Townhall event or a live stream, we’re here to give you peace of mind. Our skilled Audiovisual technicians can assist with setup, showtime, pack down, and any issues that may arise throughout the day.

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