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The Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) is responsible for examining and qualifying anaesthetists in Australia and New Zealand — maintaining exemplary standards of practice throughout both regions. With offices spread throughout most Australian states and New Zealand, they sought Converged Technology to provide an overarching video conferencing solution, supporting crystal-clear communications and state-of-the-art collaboration capabilities.

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boardroom with large screens

Previously, ANZCA had legacy video conferencing technology that couldn’t join Zoom meetings. Though with ANZCA settling on Zoom as their collaboration solution, they also required their meeting room equipment and systems to remain capable of connection with alternate meeting types, including Microsoft Teams and WebEx.

To produce an intelligent and integrated conferencing solution spanning all ANZCA offices. Housing a seamless and simple to use system; the linking technology, hardware and physical upgrades would altogether form the internal framework for extensible communications across the entire organisation —through all physical locations and at-home work environments. 


boardroom with large screens

Simplicity was key. We worked closely with ANZCA to capture all requirements, ensuring the new system would effectively accomplish desired outcomes. Yet this was no out-of-the-box solution.

With many of the company’s larger meeting spaces requiring bespoke upgrades, we sought creative ways to repurpose existing AV equipment to be integrated into the overall delivery. From there, amid the pandemic, we set out to deliver the project smoothly and swiftly — working across five different physical sites and two countries.


Converged Technology designed the following room profiles to support L1 Capital:


Table with technical specs

Converged Technology designed the following room profiles to support L1 Capital:


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Project State
  • From small huddle spaces to complex fully-integrated auditoriums, we implemented a series of integrated Zoom Room solutions throughout multiple ANZCA offices — outfitting and supporting the organisation to effectively meet the realities of in-house meetings and hybrid work models.

  • With priority placed on ANZCA’s head office within Melbourne Council Chambers, the meeting space was given a comprehensive acoustic overhaul. Alongside all brand-new conferencing equipment and systems, the notable upgrades included the commission of a custom-designed suspended LED ring light — dramatically improving the video conferencing experience from every angle.

Large LED screens
  • For the Melbourne Council Room, we designed an acoustic treatment solution specifically for the space to elevate sound quality further. Developed in conjunction with the client and aligned with their corporate style guide, we meticulously installed the combination of Megasorber FM velvet-coated, sound-absorbing panels — all met with a warm reception from the client.

  • In combating all larger meeting spaces, we implemented a series of additional features to render state-of-the-art conferencing, including; zoom based whiteboarding, video recording abilities, flexible tables, various screens, lighting and blind controls, wireless microphones and multiple cameras. 

  • For added flexibility, all meeting room solutions were geared as Zoom centric, yet still capable of inherently supporting other meeting types like Microsoft Teams and WebEx.

Ceiling mounted speaker
  • A Barco ClickShare was deployed in all rooms, providing best-in-class wireless presentation and supporting all Windows, Mac and smartphone connectivity. 

  • An intuitive Zoom centric control system control GUI was developed for the project — ensuring the system was sufficiently user-friendly and easy to navigate across all touchpoints.

  • With an unwavering focus on compatibility, we worked closely with the client’s IT team to ensure all systems were reliably integrated onto the client’s network, considering both network-based audio and video data.

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