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Workplace Technology is a nebulous term encompassing all the tools, devices, software, and systems used by employees to perform their tasks efficiently in a professional environment. In an Audiovisual capacity, it normally refers to technologies that support collaboration including Wireless Presentation or space utilisation with systems dedicated to managing Room and Desk Booking, Visitor Management etc. We are constantly innovating in this space and love road-testing bleeding-edge technologies and working out new ways to push boundaries.


Wireless Presentation

Wireless Presentation systems are designed to simplify the process of sharing content from a laptop or mobile device to a presentation display without the need for cables and adapter. The right Wireless Presentation system can reduce the time it takes to present content, making meetings more efficient and collaborative. We supply and integrate Wireless Presentation solutions from vendors including Barco, Crestron, Mersive and WolfVision. The range of products and features can be bewildering but we have extensive experience in choosing the right solution for your company. Whilst there is a product and feature, the Wireless Presentation technology simplified the process of connecting devices to meeting room displays, eliminating the need for cables and adapters.

Room Booking

A good Room Booking systems offers a real-time view of meeting room availability, along with detailed information on capacity, amenities, and equipment. This empowers employees to make informed decisions when booking meeting spaces, reducing time wasted on searching for available rooms. We supply and integrate Room Booking solutions from Microsoft, Zoom, Condeco, Robin, Joan, Concierge, Logitech, Yealink, Poly, Cisco and many others. We have a product to suit your aesthetic, requirements and budget.

Desk Booking

Desk Booking systems are hot property with the rise of flexible workspaces, Coworking and Hotdesking. The Desk Booking system allows employees to reserve desks for specific times, ensuring they always have a designated workspace. These bookings can be finite or reoccurring, can support chargeback or tariffs, mobile and web-based and can be integrated into your preferred email/calendaring client. Additionally, these systems provided insights into desk utilisation, enabling organisations and facility managers to better understand their building utilisation, optimise office layouts and reduce ultimate real estate costs. Microsoft, Condeco, Robin, Joan, Concierge, Cisco and many others.

Visitor Management

Visitor Management refers to the process of tracking and monitoring visitors who enter a facility or premises. It involves recording visitor information, issuing visitor badges or passes, and managing visitor access to various areas within the premises. A modern Visitor Management system provides an automated software solution that streamlines the workplace check-in process, enhancing security, and providing valuable data insights. These systems are commonly used in workplaces, schools, hospitals, hotels, and other facilities to ensure the safety and security of both visitors and occupants. We have a range of Visitor Management systems to help enable your workplace.

Why Converged Technology?

We are leaders in Workplace Technology. We have the rights skills across design, installation, engineering and collaboration to ensure your next corporate fitout is a success. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming project.


We put our clients' needs first focusing on creating impactful, personalised tech solutions that actually meet the brief.


Our love of technology is matched only by our passion for addressing customer problems. How can we solve your next business challenge?


Our team's extensive technology expertise and proven track record in delivering projects of all sizes means we can hit the ground running.


Our ongoing commitment to innovation allows us to deliver cutting edge tech solutions to fast-track your business strategy.


Interested in bringing your workplace communications up to modern standards? Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch.


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